Double Your Business Profits Through These 7 Simple Marketing Tweaks

This free whitepaper reveals the systematic approach, and 7 simple marketing tweaks, that any established business can apply right now to double business profits - especially if you've hit a growth plateau.

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The Solution To Difficult Problems...

As business owners, we instinctively understand that most business problems can be solved with money - and money comes from effective marketing. Through effective marketing, we can:

1. Overcome growth plateaus.

2. Gain the cashflow to hire the most expertly skilled and talented staff members available in your industry.

3. Develop a dominant market position, and attract customers more easily and more profitably than your competitors. 

4. Build funds to invest into new products, better systems and equipment, buying competing businesses - or whatever else you choose to spend on.

But - from a practical perspective - the reason why a more aggressive approach to marketing is probably taking a "back-seat" right now is because there just isn't the time, money or energy left to give it attention!

(Ironic, given marketing could help to generate the money to solve this lack of capacity issue, isn't it? But this is the nature of the Paradox of Growth.)

Stop Trying To Do MORE... 

7 Levers shows you how to focus your efforts to gain the greatest possible returns from your business.

And it does this by ignoring the traditional "hustle" wisdom that stupidly suggests the way to get ahead is to simply work harder, spend more, and put in more hours than your competitors [and overspend or burn-out in the process!]

Included in The 7 Levers whitepaper, you will discover...


The true cause of growth plateaus, and what is holding you back from periods of more rapid growth.


The seven "leverage points" in your busness where you can achieve the greatest profit increases with minimal effort.


How the compounding effect works within the 7 Levers framework, and how it means even modest "10% wins" can double your business profits.


As you'll read in these real-life case studies from our own clients' results, greater-than-10% improvements can triple revenue - and may only requre tiny tweaks to the way your marketing works.


Why "biting off more" is a bad way to grow your business - how it lead to bigger problems sooner or later - and why focussing on what you can do well is the key to sustained success.


What happens after optimizaton - and how you can "lock-in" results and continue to achieve rapid growth after your marketing is running like a well-oiled and supercharged machine.

What's The Catch?

The key to doubling profits - without investing far more time, effort and money into your business - is to focus and refine what you're doing to address the 7 Levers in your business.

In the whitepaper, we share the details of the 7 Levers, and why they make such a big difference to your business.

Although you'll be able to implement what you learn immediately, we're sharing this information because we realise that a certain percentage of people who read the report will choose to enrol into the 7 Levers Advisory Board to accelerate their progress.

We realise the decision with what to do with this report is up to you - and we hope you implement and benefit from it - whether you choose to seek our help or not.

Behind This Report...

Brent Hodgson

Brent Hodgson has a passion for marketing optimization, and seventeen years worth of experience at the bleeding-edge of marketing performance - as a business owner, consultant and coach.

His second-to-none results include co-founding and launching Market Samurai from nowhere-and-debt to 100,000’s of users world-wide, and a solid 7-figure revenue stream within months; creating marketing campaigns that have generated over $15,405 in sales per minute; and tripling online revenues for some of the most recognisable brands in Australia (as you'll read about in the whitepaper) - just to name a few.

The secret to his success has been Brent's measurable and scientific approach.

In this report, Brent combines his scientific approach, with the practical wisdom from his years of experience, and Pete Williams' original 7 Levers concept - to provide a framework for kick-starting business growth without breaking your budget, or your neck, in the process.

Pete Williams

Pete Williams is an award-winning serial entrepreneur, described by media as "Australia's Richard Branson".

Pete's honours include being announced as the Global Runner-Up in the JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Awards for 2009, the Southern Region Finalist in the Ernst & Young 2010 Entrepreneur of the Year, and a member of SmartCompany’s Top 30 Under 30 - just to name a few.

The original author of the 7 Levers system, the best-selling book How to Turn Your Million-Dollar Idea Into a Reality, and co-author with Rich Schefren of the groundbreaking Profit Hacks system - Pete doesn't just greedily hoard his insights for the purposes of building his own wealth and fame. 

Pete is passionate about sharing the insights that have made him so successful - so that others can enjoy the same success Pete has achieved too.

Why Won't You Enjoy This Whitepaper?

This whitepaper isn’t for everyone. It focuses on how to significantly improve existing marketing to overcome growth plateaus in established businesses. If you're just beginning, or are just looking for business opportunities, this report is not for you. But if you're running an established business that has hit a growth plateau, you need a copy of this report.

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